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Kevin is Microsoft and Comp TIA certified to ensure that you are provided with professional and high-quality services.


KJK Technologies offers a full array of on-site, off-site, corporate, small business, and personal computer services. Please contact us if you are interested in a service not listed below.

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Onsite Service or Pickup & Delivery

We will come to your home or business. If the problem requires extensive work, we will pick your computer up and bring it back to you. Upon completion we will deliver your computer, plug it in, boot it up and answer any questions you have.

Network Services

Whether you want to share a printer between two computers in your home or have a business network with server and multiple workstations, we can help you out. Is your wireless network giving you troubles , we will get you connected and make sure that your wireless network is secure.

Data Transfer to New PC

Buying a new computer, we will do the setup, updating, software install, and printer setup. We will also move your files, emails and favorites from your old system to the new one.

Virus & Security: Spyware and Trojan Removal

Is your computer running slow, do you have an unknown program scanning your computer and wanting you to pay for their service or is “FBI” locking you out. Your system is infected with some type of virus, trojan horse, ransomware or some other types of malicious software. Do not despair!  We use several tools designed to clean your system and return your computer back to normal. This is usually done without having to wipe your hard drive and re-load your system. Once your system is cleaned we will check your software for needed updates, remove any other unwanted programs, and advise of some things you may need to do. We do have a high success rate of cleaning the computer, however sometimes doing a clean install is the best or possibly only choice.

PC Hardware & Software Installation

Are you having a problem with your computer hardware? Is it a loud fan, video not working properly, or is it simply not powering up. We will diagnose the issue and give you several options. If you decide to repair your sustem,  we will supply all parts need for the install and setup. If you onlyt need software upgrads or installation, we  have you covered. If Windows does not start up, it may need to be repaired or reinstalled. We will backup your computer and complete the needed repairs and installations.

Data Recovery & Backup Solutions

Have you deleted a file or folder? Has your hard drive crashed? Did you accidentally format and reinstall the operating system? Do not panic! Call us to discuss your issue. We have a high success rate of file recovery. Talk to us as soon as possible. The longer you wait the less likely the chance for recovery.

Other Services Offered

  1. Computer Training
  2. Servicing All Brands of PC's
  3. Network Management